Fonce on YS-L3 Solar Lawn lamps

Fonce on YS-L3 Solar Lawn lamps

  • Tuesday, 09 July 2019
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                                            What is special about it?


.Two work modes: always on and blinking

.Polycrystalline silicon solar panel, single block 5.5V, high charging efficiency

.Waterproof IP65 ,brighten on the rainy .

Design highlights


ABS hard plastic plug, plug and play, convenient and fast. The solar panels adopt independent technology and two serial links. A broken one will not affect other work. Two lighting modes, flashing and steady lighting. It can be adjusted freely according to different purposes. Intelligent light control, automatic lighting at night, automatic charging in one hundred days, no need to manually switch! LED light source, uniform light and texture, stable performance.


                                          Material analysis


The solar lawn light is made of ABS hard material, which is hard and not brittle. It can prevent the outdoor mud from being wet and cause corrosion, which improves the lightness of the lamp while ensuring the quality of the lamp.


                                              Feedback Lighting

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